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Get special care and attention via private 1:1 bookings. 

We pamper any dog breed, size, temperament and condition. 

Lovingly treated to the highest standards of safety and wellbeing. 

Ruff treatment

Here's the problem... You love your dog, you want them to look and feel their best, but can’t find a trusted dog groomer in Abertillery that will genuinely care for your dog’s specific needs, character and wellbeing?

Common frustrations can include;

You have tried other groomers and been less than satisfied with their service or facilities?

Do you also worry about your dog's safety in busy “conveyor belt” style salons where the staff are not caring for each animal’s own needs and wellbeing?

You are worried about your dog’s sensitive skin which is prone to irritation from cheap grooming products or poor handling?

You ultimately want a dog grooming service that will provide your pet with the highest quality of care and attention, in a safe environment, by people who are passionate about dogs!

A Cut & Above

Dog grooming can be a stressful, anxious or daunting experience for some dogs and their owners. Maybe it's your dog’s temperament, size or coat condition? Or maybe it’s due to the poor service from the groomer - where facilities are too crowded and noisy or they don't have enough staff on hand for dogs who need more attention?

The stress of an overwhelming situation is not good for you nor your dog, so this is why Cut & Above Dog Grooming chooses a completely unique and refreshing approach.

Ricky Ward is one of South Wales’s most in-demand pro-dog groomers, and with his decade of experience has developed a unique 1:1 private grooming service and following.

He doesn't go along the popular and chaotic "conveyor line/ chase the money" approach to dog grooming - instead, he ensures that every pet no matter what their breed, size, coat condition or special handling requirements gets individualised treatment and attention.

This approach not only puts the dog's wellbeing first but also gives you, the owner, added peace of mind that your pride and joy is in the best of hands.

The result; a shiny, happier pooch with a proud and stress-free owner!

So don't wait any longer - book your first session today!

Dog grooming services fit for any walkies of life


Show dogs
and photoshoots


Special health

We make pets pretty!

Dog washing and bathing

Cut & blow-dries

Grooming and nails

Teeth brushing

Ear cleaning

Coat restoration (tears and sloper stains)

Pricing is unique to breed, size, temperament, coat condition and special handling requirements.

For a bespoke grooming quote, get in touch via our online form or call us on 07467 607541.

How it works

Due to our 1:1 care approach, we can only treat by appointment booking only.

Get a personalised quote by either using our online form or calling us on 07467 607541.

Choose an appointment date and time that suits you. For hotter days we prefer evening slots.

Drop off your beloved and prepare to be dazzled! If something is not quite right on the same day of collection, we’ll endeavour to please to get all tails wagging.

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Why choose us?

10 years experience

After a decade of washing, cutting and talking smoochy to all types of furry friends over the years, we've learned that no two dogs are alike!

All breeds welcome

We welcome all dog breeds, size, temperments and coat conditions. Whether you have a fluffy Poodle with bad allergies or a grumpy Great Dane, we can accommodate your pet's unique needs!

1:1 Private bookings

We only offer a private 1:1 dog grooming experience for the ultimate in peace of mind. With just you and your pet, we are able to cater to any needs they may have during their visit - no matter how small, large or strange!

State of the art facilities

Cut & Above has the latest state-of-the-art dog grooming facilities. Our salon is clean, safe, and calming for your pup to get the best treatment he or she deserves.

Top organic products

Our organic dog grooming products are made with ingredients from the highest quality, most sustainable sources. They're free of harmful irritants and chemicals for your pup's sensitive skin.

Safety and wellbeing focused

We are dedicated to the 100% safety and wellbeing of your pet. Our salon is safe, calming, and not overcrowded like other salons where dogs bark incessantly due to their loudness in a chaotic orchestra.

Furry high 5's all-round

Georgia Higginson

"Highly recommend! My boys first groom and he was brilliant, Ricky was fab with him"

Jade Edwards

"Would highly recommend A Cut and Above! One bath, de-shredded and cut, both dogs come out great! Very happy, thank you."

Tammy Julie-Ann

"Fantastic service Marley loved it! & he looks fantastic Thank you!"

Jade-Marie Long

"I had my dog bathed and de-shredded, A* service! I will defiantly be going here with her again "

Sophie Hayman

"I won’t take Bonnie anywhere else!!! Bonnie always comes home looking and smelling amazing! Would 110% recommend Ricky to anyone!!!"

Fur or no fur; we all deserve to be happy

As a dog owner, you know that grooming can be difficult. Dogs are not easy to deal with and they don't always cooperate. You need someone who understands dogs well enough to handle them properly but also has the patience to deal with all of their quirks and characteristics.

So, you can continue with home grooming or persevering with your current dog groomer hoping they one day turns into Dr Doolittle. Or, you could give Cut & Above Dog Grooming a try?

With our refreshing approach to dog grooming in Abertillery, both you, the owner and their furry best friend are in for a treat! Because after all - we're the bark of town!"

Making the world beautiful one pet at a time.

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